Helping The Bold Build The Future

Barbarians is the result of every entrepreneur's desire to achieve tomorrow's success by building today's foundation. From capital investment to direct collaboration, we work with founders to transform bold ideas in every industry, partnering with them from inception to IPO and beyond.

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Our Mission

To partner with founders and create software companies that will define the future.

Meet Our Founders

Cisco Caceres

Chief Technology Officer, Principal Developer

Henry Mobley III

Chief Operating Officer, Chief Marketing Officer

Jeff Moyer

VP of Infrastructure Engineering

Kate Gearin

Creative Director, Senior UI/UX Designer

Ishtiaq Rahman

Director, Product and Projects

What we do

We use a structured, lean-based methodology, to transform your business idea to a meaningful product that can help you test the market, gain traction, and eventually achieve a Series A.

The process begins with our product experts helping you to streamline your product, ensuring the most important features are considered and implemented. Next, our UX/UI and custom software development teams work with you to design and build your MVP.

Branding, Creative Design and Storytelling Image

Branding, Creative Design & Storytelling

Technical Due Dilligence Image

Technical Due Diligence

Android and iOS Apps Image

Android & iOS Apps

Firmware, IoT, Desktop and Server Applications Image

Firmware, IoT, Desktop & Server Applications

Infrastructure Design and Implementation Image

Infrastructure Design & Implementation

Database Design and Development Image

Database Design & Development

Blockchain and Crypto Image

Blockchain & Crypto

Machine and Deep Learning Image

Machine & Deep Learning

Alongside the product development, we will also support you in the creation of your brand. Every company starts with a story and how well that story is told will be the difference between a good product and a stellar one.

Barbarians is not just a development team.

We are your complete partner.

Our Ethos



Conscious Creatives. Defiant Deviants. Independent Idealists. Outrageous Outliers. Ultimate Underdogs. Worthy Warriors.

These are the very definitions of our founding partners. They have a powerful vision, an aligned purpose, an unshakable faith. We are inspired the moment we encounter them.

Whether it's seed, growth, or turnaround, we engage fully at every meeting and in achieving every milestone. We know that success is found in the journey, not just the destination.


We did not pick the name Barbarians out of a hat. We charge into the fray and expect the same from our partners. We are not a team of coincidence nor of compromise.

Each of us works as if it's the first day, despite years of individual successes and we are unyielding in our drive to victory. We embrace the identity of the entrepreneur and the costs that come with that choice. Sacrifice is a given and we gladly pay it in the pursuit of dreams.

Our work comes in the form of co-creation from within and a partner first attitude. We find strength in our diversity, humility in our struggles and an unshakable belief that for every challenge there is a solution to be discovered.


We are the Horde not because of our size but the ferocity of our resolve. We seek neither accolades nor awards. When needed we have an army of mentors, experts, and luminaries to light the path when needed.

From radical to reality, we help the bold define the future.

Join the Horde!

Barbarians offers custom software development solutions that suit your need and scope, while creating a powerful digital identity for your brand.

Whether you require short-term assistance or a long-term partnership we are at the gates and ready to come in!